Heater Damper/Vent Control Repair

My 2012 Corolla has a gear broken so it will not direct air up to defrost. The dealer shop says $1125 to repair (if it can be done) or $3317 to replace. Is this crazy expensive?? Do I have any options besides foggy/icy windows this NE winter??

I can’t imagine what costs $3,300 to replace, were you given a written estimate?
Replacing a servo motor doesn’t require 30 hours of labor.

Another clue to the fact that this is a bogus estimate: the difference should be the cost of the part, and at $2192 for the servo motor, that is crazy.

I’ve had quotes from a specialty shop that were about $900 or so with labor. Toyotas are not that expensive to fix.

Stay away from the dealer shop.

Thank you for the info…this gives me hope I can find a place that might be less. I will call around.

What are the repairs shown on the estimate?