Throttle assembly



How much should this cost to repair? How can you tell if the sensor is part of the issue? How hard is it to do yourself?


It Sounds Like You Have The Desire To Repair The Throttle Assembly Yourself, But Don’t Have The Requisite Skills.

Let me be the first to appreciate your desire. However, should you want to fix things on your own car there are things that need to be in place.

Do you have a service manual ?
Do you have the tools ?
Do you have access to reading / scanning OBD2 codes ?

I recommend you start your repair / servicing on an easier level and then advance. Do you change your own oil, spark plugs, filters, etcetera ?

What information do you have about your throttle assembly and where are you getting this information ?



Thanks for reply. Really just trying to get info so we are not paying $415 (probably pre-tax and disposal fees) for something that should cost a lot less.


Welcome. I See You Have Opened Another Question About This Titled “dealership estimate to repair replace throttle assembly”.

Here’s the link to that one :