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Dealership estimate to repair replace throttle assembly

Phone message left on estimate to replace throttle assembly. We were expecting a lot less because we had had a throttle assembly cleaned before. Before we go ahead with the work we are wondering why replace instead of clean?

You Are Asking The Wrong Folks. You Need To Call The Dealer And Ask For Details. Perhaps Some Part(s) Are Worn Out Or Defective.

Call, find out what they say, post it here, and we’ll have a go at giving you advice.


Thanks, you are right. Husband did as recommended.

You’re Welcome. Put Whatever Information You Can Get Right Here And There Are Many Novice And Pro Mechanics That Usually Are More Than Willing To Help With Your Questions.

It sometimes takes a little while for all the responses, but let’s see what happens.
Thanks, CSA

We had misunderstood the message, it was the idle air control valve on the throttle body. I always assume we are being taken advantage of at the dealership. They had made the last repair on the car and the current symptoms were similar to those that brought us there that time. I expected the problem to be related to what they had fixed before and that was why we brought it back to them.

I always assume we are being taken advantage of at the dealership.

Then why go there??? Find a good honest independent mechanic. You’ll be happier.