Thoughts on the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport?

I drove a base model this week and loved the drive and ride quality. My experience was in city traffic, not highway. I checked reviews and most cited loud noise, lackluster power,but I didn’t find those issues. My concern would be quality in construction over time and use: would the vehicle rattle and drive like a piece of junk after a year or two. I haven’t found comments on overall quality and reliability/longevity. Has anyone had experience with this model? Sharp looking, great warranty, great price. Thanks for your input!

The reviews of that vehicle have been relatively decent.
What would give me pause, however, is the reality that in the US marketplace, Mitsubishi is circling the drain at this point, with almost nothing in their showrooms other than that model. Many (perhaps most) auto writers are of the opinion that Mitsubishi is going to follow the path of Suzuki and Isuzu, and exit from the US marketplace.

The great warranty and the great price are both reflections of the mfr’s desperate situation.
What if you were to buy one of these last remaining Mitsubishi models, only to find that there is no manufacturer support in a year or two? In addition to the loss of mfr support for service issues, their departure would lead to a severely-diminished resale value on cars that already suffer from above-average depreciation.

I’d look at Hyundai and Kia instead. And I’d also take a loooong test drive, highways included.

Great advice. I appreciate this information. Not too excited about Kia/Hyundai except for maybe the Soul. Again, I’d have the same concerns about build quality after a few months/year of service. I think the look of the Outlander got me thinking of a small SUV. I don’t think I’d have considered one otherwise. Thanks again!

I have a friend that bought one and they loved it so much he bought one for his wife. They both have been trouble free.

Take a Mazda CX-5 for a test drive. My daughter bought a 2015 Sport model with the 2L engine and likes it very much. I drove it and the 2L has enough power, but barely enough. You might consider the 2.5L, which is available in the Sport, Touring, and Grand Rouring. It has good handling for a SUV.

I’ll echo jt and suggest the CX-5. I haven’t test drove the 5 yet, but I have its predecessor, the CX-7, and it’s been a great car these last 4 years.