Buying advice wanted: 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Looking at 2011 Mitsubishi Out lander Sport to buy. It has 115,246 miles and they are asking $6,900. I know nothing with buying cars and would appreciate some wise advise.
Thank you, Karen

Karen , do you not have a relative or friend to help you ? kelleybluebook .com can at least give you some idea if the price is fair. The prices also depend on area of the country . Frankly I would not buy a used Mitsubishi anything because they may not survive the US market if that is where you are.


We had a Mitsubishi 1976 car that we had to scrap with only 60,000 miles on it because parts were no longer available.

Mitsubishi has a bleak future even though they are now owned by the Renault/Nissan Group. Many makers have left the US market when business dried up or they were not competitive.

Overseas Mitsubishi vehicles are plentiful, especially in the Middle East and Asia.

But, in their home country of Japan, their sales cratered disastrously after their policy of disallowing legitimate warranty claims for defective engines and transmissions became known. That policy–in order to try to preserve the cash flow of a dying company–was considered to be dishonorable by Japanese people, and in that society being dishonorable is a considerable offense.

@VDCdriver Agree! Japan has standards much different from the rest of Asia. I personally would not buy any Mitsubishi vehicle but their industrial products, like electric generators. are well regarded. Mitsubishi pickup trucks are very popular abroad, but would be too small for the North American market.

Our car was a Dodge Colt, a disguised Mitsubishi Lancer, a cute car, but full of hidden problems. My wife liked it when it ran, but it was a maintenance nightmare, and the Chrysler dealers wished it would just go away. The engine had twin balancing shafts but still did not run smoothly.

The Price is within KBB’s range, Depending on how it was maintained it could be a good used buy but i’ve seen problems getting certain parts for some Mitsubishi’s outside of the dealer network. An inspection by your local mechanic will be well worth the $100 or so that it costs.

Mitsubishi specific forums will have better information about common problems and solutions. The closest dealer to me is now a hour away if you’re lucky with traffic, we used to have a local dealer and two others about 25 miles away that are no longer dealers.

There are five Mitsubishi dealers in my metro area, andthe Outlander is still sold new. If the OP wants a Mitsubishi, the Outlander is a reasonable choice. I live in the fourth largest metro area in the USA, and there may be many areas that do not have dealerships.

If it’s an SE for sale at a dealer, it’s a good price. It’s an average price for a private sale. This is for a car that needs very little to be in top shape. If you like it after a test drive, get a prepurchase inspection for about $125 from a mechanic you trust. Before you buy, make sure you have a shop that can work on it for you. This includes a line on parts since Mitsubishi has downsized a lot in the last ten years.

I’m sorry, but I miss the point.
This is no an iconic make/model, not the reliable one, parts access is guaranteed to be limited as it ages…

The OP has reasons for buying whatever she wants. Whether you or I understand them is not the important thing. I wouldn’t buy a used Outlander Sport, but she didn’t ask for that opinion.

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Replies to a specific question on any Forum would be a first .

The OP may not have any idea that service and parts for this vehicle might be a problem so sharing that is worth while.

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