2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport life expectancy & maintenance costs

Has 37k miles.wondering if there is any concerns with engine life expectancy and if people run into high expenses with servicing and dealers to work on any problems.

So few in use, Consumer Reports does not publish year-by-year reliability data. They do rate the 2018 as a new vehicle predicted reliability above average. I would not buy a Mitsubishi because their presence in the USA is so sparse, parts and service problems are more likely with the passage of time.

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I would agree with that! Any car that has a very sparse distribution network will suffer form high parts costs (no after-market parts) and few trained mechanics. Suzuki is already in that category.

Also. used parts such as body parts would be very hard to get.

P.S. We had a Mitsubishi Colt, sold as a a Dodge Colt, after Chrysler cut their ties to Mitsubishi. Parts were hard to get and the Chrysler dealers did not even want to talk to us. We had a true orphan and at only 75,000 miles sold the car for scrap when some key engine parts were no longer obtainable.

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Much will depend upon how it was treated those first 37k miles. If it was totally neglected or maintenance was very skimpy then it will have a short life.

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