Surgery or pull the plug?

My Olds 88 Regency is 12 yrs old tomorrow. 13 is in doubt. 132k miles, body good; always had maintenance & repairs (both engine intake manifolds, fuel pump, water pump) as needed. Took it to dealer for routine maint (plugs, filters, trans flush, R&B tires, one noise. Noise is a/c wearing out, no biggie.

BUT, dealer mechanic (I know him, he owns same car) says fuel line too rusted to change filter. Brake lines very rusted. Rear main seal slight leak. Power steering slight leak.

I kept my 1988 Olds for 134K. I still have my 1990 Miata. My wife has a 2005 LaCross. So I don’t have to depend on just the Olds for transport.

But does the potential surgery on my 1998 make sense today?

Well, you can just keep an eye on oil levels as far as those leaks go, so it really depends on how much it’ll cost to repair the rusted fuel and brake lines. Any idea?

Dealers are more interesting in “extra” work than independents typically. My independents take a wait and see approach instead of being overly proactive unless a real concern.

I would get a 2nd opinion from an independent who gets recommended.

The only concern of mine would be the brakes lines. The rest I would not lose sleep over. Sounds like a 12 year old car.

Fuel filters can last a long,long time dependent on fuel run through. I finally ran into problems with a VW Jetta at 140k/7yrs and dealer stated it was factory original based on German writing and certain markings.

Brake line repair estimate was $800. Fuel line repair estimated at $300.

$1100 doesn’t make many car payments. If the rest of the car’s in good shape, it might be worth it, even if it only gets you a year more use. Of course, if you’ve been looking to get a new car anyway, might be a good time, just don’t expect much $$ for the trade in.

Many dealers don’t see a lot of older cars, as the older cars are most often serviced by independents. In many ways, older cars are harder to repair because fasteners may be rusted. Check with a couple if independent shops. They may be more apt to work on an older car.