1988 Olds 98: What is a fair price?

Local find … a 98 Olds Regency, 49K actual miles, good condition overall, bumper fillers missing, paint good overall … seller wants $3700 That seems way high. Am I missing something here?


Best way to try and establish a fair price is to look at kbb.com (Kelly Blue Book), Edmunds.com, and nadaguides.com. Each pricing guide is a bit different, but using the three together generally give you a reasonable price range. Answer all the questions truthfully and you can find out whether your instincts ae correct, …or not.

Last year I sold a mint condition 1988 Caprice V8, fully loaded fo $1400; it had a few more miles on it. I think the seller wants a little too much, since the bottom has fallen out of the large car market.

On the other hand, if the car is in mint condition, and you don’t drive much, buy it for the best price he’ll go for. These cars are reasonably good, cheap to insure, not expensive to fix, and parts will be available for a while yet.

Too high.

Much too high. Low miles on a car that old doesn’t matter too much. On a 20 year old car brakes lines etc, or basically almost any other rubber part is going to be broken down. (ie: bumper inserts)