1973 Volkswagen Beetle - Loud Horn Mod

Re: the question about small cars/wimpy horns, your reply brought back some old (1974) high school memories.
A friend of mine drove a VW Beetle. He switched out the factory installed horn with a semi-trailer horn he ordered from JC Whitney. We enjoyed driving around town and honking at people. The stares and laughs he got were priceless.

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I had a '69 Beetle and put an earlier 6 Volt Bug horn on it. It was kind of neat. It sounded like a duck being stomped.

One could always add a dukes if Hazard horn $35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAKksqKR3pI

I know people who have upgraded their wimpy motorcycle horns so they wouldn’t sound like the ones used on the choppers in “Easy Rider.” I think my Honda Shadow has one from a Civic.

We have a huge Komatsu front end loader at work. The horn sounds like the horn on a small import car.

I had that musical horn on a car I bought in the 90’s. Problem was, there were like 42 songs so you had to hit 2 numbers from memory.

What is it with the new cars? I don’t recall exactly… 89 or 92 dB minimum dB are required and they all aim for that? My horn is so wimpy I have to take my Labrador along as a warning device. (Been thinking of Velcroing her to the hood.) Honestly, a BMW can’t hear the horn if his AC is on.

But I bought a fix. 1 pair Hella ram horns, 1 pair Hella disc horns, 2 wiring kits, each around 110 dB @ same frequency. I’m hoping the discordance will get attention.

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I can’t even remember the last time I used the vehicle horn. I just don’t honk at people in traffic because of those that have Road Rage and some kind of firearm .

Main Street is 4 lanes w/ a turn lane in the middle. To my right was a HUGE truck. A BMW pulled from a stop sign, across 3 lanes and shoved his car into my lane (in the 15’ I was occupying). I jammed as close to the semi as possible. Glad I hadn’t waxed the car, or he wouldn’t have missed.

That’s time for a horn. Unfortunately, it needs to be louder than a dog squeaky toy.