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1980s 4wd Pickup on recent show

In regards to a caller on a recent show with the singing Christmas dogs sound with the hubs locked. I have a 4wd pickup of similar vintage, different manufacturer, and it also makes this noise with the hubs locked…because I dented the metal dust cover on the short front drive shaft and it rubs against the housing. Voila!

Unfortunately, all shows are reruns and that caller is long gone…

Thanks, Frenchy, I’ve filed that away in my bag-o-tricks.

@insightful, alongside sarcasm?

@cdaquila, why do you assume sarcasm? I found it a helpful tip.

Many ears ago my father had 160 acres for sale and his health was poor so I was responsible for showing it. One weekend a you couple walked every foot of fence line with me and promised to call soon. The next weekend an older couple walked that fence line and seemed impressed. They informed me that their son, who was about to get married had seen the property and hoped to buy it. The parents felt sure they would buy the land but wanted to make certain that there was no problem dealing with cash. I assured them there would be no problem and they jumped in their 20 year old pickup and drove away. In a few weeks they bought the property and paid with bundles of $20 and $100 bills. The attorney insisted that the money be counted. I heard that it took a while.

Excuse me but I had intended to post this at the gas tank piggy bank thread.

Many times a noise is not what you first assume and you wish you could strap yourself under the thing while someone else drives so you could catch it in the act.
Mud flap rattle ?..nope, door handles.
U-joint noise ?..rear axle pinion front bearing.
belt squeek ?..CAT in the engine compartment hopped out and ran off when I got to Walgreens.

So these insights of others help us as well.

oh man, which walgreens was that? I loved that cat

Spent plenty of time riding in the backs of cars listening for noises when I worked as a service adviser at a Toyota dealership in the 80’s.

My old VW Rabbit made a sound similar to what was described. Only at low speeds, like rubber against rubber. That turned out to be the CV boot was too scrunched up. A clamp had come loose. I put it back where it was supposed to be and the sound went away.