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This shouldn't look like this right


I think it’s a minor oil filter housing leak? Not too familiar with bmws

No experience with that engine component myself, but if you are referring to that speck of oil on the left side of that round component, if there’s any oil seepage at all in the engine compartment, a common one is from the valve covers, the oil can find its way to a hot spot like the exhaust manifold and vaporize, then it floats around the engine compartment as a vapor and can condense somewhere else.

That’s oil filter housing. These cars use a oil filter element-on-a-stick sort of arrangement IIRC. The filter element is under that black plastic cap. definitely looks like it’s leaking.


The o-ring(s) might have gone flat, or maybe they’re split

I sometimes see this, when guys change the oil filter element, but reuse the o-rings. They tend to not seal very well, a second time

another possibility . . . somebody didn’t sufficiently tighten the oil filter housing


May be you have oil filter housing gasket failure.

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May be left over oil residue after the last oil change. Clean it off and see if it comes back before you worry about it.