This might be a stupid question


I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla. It is in fair condition and has 143,600 miles on it. I have an eight year old and I have another on the way. I need a bigger car, so I want a Volvo Station Wagon. I found one with 134,000 miles on it and it looks great. The guy said he’d probably do an event trade. But the Volvo is a 91. I am an idiot for wanting to make this trade? Do Volvo’s really run forever as I’ve heard. I don’t expect this car to run for another 10 years, but atleast another 4. What do you think?


I am the original owner of a 1990 760 Volvo Station wagon.I has approx 150,000 miles.It looks very good.Only one problem: It hot weather after running for awhile it will not restart (Crank over) No one can fix.
To own an Old Volvo you need a reliable repair shop.The Dealers will hit you with a $1,000 to 1,500 every time you visit.
My car runs very well.I could afford a newer car,but I am holding out for a fuel efficient 4 wheel drive Station Wagon.Good luck


Don’t be taken in by the “run forever” tagline. This quip might actually be more relevant to your current Corolla than to an elderly Volvo.

With a newborn on its way you have to be concerned about a car’s reliability. You don’t dare allow yourself to be stranded. I cannot, in good faith, recommend a 17-year-old anything to someone in your position. Mercedes, maybe. Volvo, definitely not.

My advice is to keep your Corolla a few more years. It’s compact size may occasionally seem inconvenient but you can manage. It’s not that difficult.


Not only reliability but I would think that safety, and more than what if the car dies on the highway should be in your mind. A 16 year old car has a marked lack of safety equipment and technology than say a 5 year old car.

You are better of IMO keeping your Corolla as the person making a trade WOULD get the better end of the deal.

I own a Mercedes, which are known for ‘reliability’ and have had a LONG list if issues with it. A new engine at 40 some thousand miles being the most shocking.

Every maker has the potential to make a bad one. For Volvo to say that their cars run ‘forever’ is just marketing. You could easily be that Volvo’s last owner… Beware if the current owner really wants to trade…


Get a Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis.


It will be another 4 years at least before the 8 year old is too big for the back seat of the Corolla. If I were you, I’d stick with it.


Save your back and get something high enough to load infants into. Disregard if you are a gymnast without back pain.


The Volvo is bigger and heavier than the Corolla and I think you would feel as though you were driving a more substantial vehicle. I like Volvos and can tell you from my wife’s and my experiences that they do go for a long time with proper maintenance. Find a good mechanic who you can trust who knows the cars and you will be fine.

For those who think its dumb to trade a Toyota for a Volvo, let me ask you a question: How many 20 year old Corollas do you see on the road as opposed to 20 year old Volvos? I think the Volvos far outnumber the Corollas…

I would advise to check the Kelly Blue Book to compare the values of each car. Then you can determine if you are getting a decent trade offer.


Nothing runs forever. But with proper maintenance & with good personal care, cars will run LONGER. If & when you decide to buy another to accomodate the growing family, mini vans is your answer. It has wider sliding doors for ease getting in & out especially with kids & car seats (just one of the pluses). My kids are now all grown, so I got rid of my mini van & went back to driving an ecoinomy car.


Have you read the post below? ('93 Volvo) Just a little more food for thought.


Have you read all the other posts concerning Toyotas and Hondas? Any car can have problems. Most will last a long time if properly maintained. I suggest that if you want information about Volvos you check They have a specific area for each model and you can get opinions from people who actually own the cars.


“This might be a stupid question”. You are correct…

FORGET the Volvo…You already have what you need.