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This lady seems to often recognize the same idiocy that I do

She is apparently a genius.

but like me also, few people in this area, or anywhere for that matter, recognize and appreciate our genius. She speaks of Auburn University in Alabama but here in the adjacent state of Mississippi we are about to spend more than $500million on sports arenas at state universities while refusing to fund 10% of Medicaid because the state budget can’t afford it.

@Rod Knox–If universities and colleges are unable to control their budgets, how can we expect states and the nation to control their budgets?
One doesn’t have to look very far to see why tuition and taxes are so high.

I just have to say we went out to real rock walls and walking paths growing up, gave food to the needy, I do not regret spending money on sports arenas and pretend rock walls for the kids, I DO regret the ceos making million dollar bonuses because they screwed the workers, I regret the wealthy making more while decimating the middle class, Yes we can afford billions to support banks and industry, but like tea party bachman who gets millions in farm and church grants claims we cannot afford to extend unemplyment benifits, and yet she gets re elected, until you sheeple wake up and vote you will continue to loose everything. Like she says giving the poor the right to vote is like giving a robber a gun.

Is there a connection with safety in here somewhere? When I was in 4th grade, I became a latchkey kid. No one thought about the weirdos that might be abroad in the neighborhood, and I don’t think there were any. Today, we are concerned just going to a parking lot. I know that personal safety is and has been a concern for years at the University of Maryland. I’ve also heard the same about certain parking lots at Towson University and the University of South Carolina (the real USC). USC even has emergency boxes on campus that students (typically women, of course) can activate if they are accosted. If campus life is so dangerous, it might be appropriate to offer on-campus exercise options. I think the hot tub is too much, but regular exercise equipment is perfectly acceptable if it keeps my daughters safe and fit. BTW, those are the universities my kids went and go to. I’m sure it’s pretty much the same everywhere.

This sentence says it all.

"And if Auburn graduates haven’t learned as much as, say, graduates of Princeton or Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, at least they’ll be well and rested up.

Read more: Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal - RHETA GRIMSLEY JOHNSON Phi Beta hot tub War Eagle"

The Bucks County School of Beauty Culture probably has a higher job placement rate and lower average student loan debt.

Those $500 million sports arenas also have some kind of return on investment in the form of tickets and overpriced food that people buy.

Its out of hand,they are too many people(remember what got Europe out of the Darkages?)-Kevin

I know at our local university, improvements to the sports facilities and frills come from aggressive alumni funding. Some smart progressives have said in some instances, “you want to build a new hockey arena, go ahead, but much of your donation will go to upgrade the science building…so donate more then you planned if you want the ice time”.

I can’t speak for other state universities or private colleges, but most around here tend to operate that way. Some of this idiotic squandering of money is fortunately not done at the direct funding from taxes. Hopefully the maintenance is self supported and it becomes a plus revenue wise. But often, if a benefactor wants to spend the money foolishly and the university wants to sell it’s soul, there is little that can be done.

The biggest scam around here are the legalized gambling casinos, ostensibly payed for by private funding and with some profits going back into the local economy both as a percent of profits and increase business.

The scam comes in here…Social Security does much of the funding…retirees live at these places during the day “donating” money.

In the case of Auburn U. They could just buy more land, make the class buildings farther apart and decrease the time between classes to increase fitness levels.