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This is why you should clean your roof

We have local bylaws that forbid you to drive off with a tall stack of snow on your roof, and the police can ticket you if they judge you have an excessive amount on your roof.

In my state, for several years it has been against the law to drive without clearing snow/ice from your vehicle’s roof. Of course, you will always have the faction who claim that it is their God-given right to do whatever they want to do, regardless of how it might endanger others.

Also, a reason not to be speeding in the left-hand lane…

There are laws the officer can ticket you for smoking in the wrong place, now I support CA law no smoking if there are kids in the car, or other places, talking on a cell while driving, jaywalking, driving 5mph over the limit etc., but if an officer spent the day looking and dealing with petty crimes, they would have less time to keep their eyes open and respond to more serious offences.

“a reason not to be speeding in the left-hand lane”

Would it be preferable to be driving slowly in the left lane?

In NH cleaning your roof is the law. And most drivers do so.
Yet I still see cars with a roof full of snow. Most cops will cite them if they see them.

I also see cars going down the road with only the areas cleared by the wiper blades free of snow. Some people aren’t even aware that it’s important to see out the windows. How do they manage? I haven’t a clue.

Texases, I want to offer my sincere thanks for the reminder as we enter winter.

What? I Can’t See! :neutral:

@“common sense answer” Sure you have told the story before, but we can help you see! Maybe. specifics? Talk about cant see I think I have at least a few years, near blind in one eye, now a cataract developing in my good eye, night driving is hard, so an emergency only situation, Great eye doc, loves to do cataract surgery, says any chance of loss of vision is too great, so wait and watch until watching is no longer possible. Get to see 2 or 3 moons, glare at night like near driving into a white screen, treated lenses help, keep thinking of people that continue to drive until they sre a danger to others, willing to give up driving if needed, sorry long answer to a short question, but I am down with being able to take a seeing eye dog into the stores and cabs etc. for rides, but 95% chance the surgery will go fine.

Sincere best with your surgery, barky. I too was going blind until I had cataract surgery on both eyes. I could no longer drive at night, and poorly during the day. After my first eye was done, I was absolutely stunned at how much I’d been missing. I couldn’t wait to get the other eye done too.

Sincere best with this.

For those others who are aging and might be having difficulty driving at night, I urge you to see a reputable ophthalmologist. It could save a life.

Thanks @“the same mountainbike” and just to accent your comment, Ophthalmologist vs optometrist! So glad you had great success.

Excellent accent, barky. An ophthalmologist is an eye MD, an optometrist is a refractionist trained to recognize pathologies but not able to treat them like a real MD can.
Sincere best.

That piece of ice seems to be no more than a few inches thick. But probably almost solid ice.

The old cap that I had on my truck was just over 7ft off the ground and I always cleared the snow. Yet I still see people with only half the windshield cleared and nothing cleared from the back or side windows.
I think they figure that by the time they get to the freeway the defrosters will have loosened it up and the ice fall off.


Yeah, Yosemite, I suspect you’re right. And Texases’ link shows the next event in the sequence… which sometimes causes a fatality.

You have to watch out for seimis too after a storm. The accumulated snow and ice on the trailers are pretty hard for them to clear.

"a reason not to be speeding in the left-hand lane"

Would it be preferable to be driving slowly in the left lane?

A good reason to not drive so closely behind other drivers I say. I was counting seconds between road stripes that the first car passed until the following car passed the same stripe. I made it to “one-thousand and” Way less than the two second rule.
Note, those ultra wide angle lenses on GoPro and similar dash cameras make the cars ahead look like they are a lot farther away than they actually are.

Also let me add.

along with clearing snow from the roof, have the decency to clear snow from all glass and lamps!

So we have new led stop and go lights, they are led now, city spent time clearing them of snow, county did not, one day later a minor peek of one led bulb to see the traffic signal, I actually pulled through an intersection thinking the light for left turn was green, course I did not turn into oncoming traffic, and all ended well, but I was unable to tell what color the light was, my bad sure, but I am not just any body’s idiot, I am wy wife’s idiot, with life insurance! So the next day after the storm we were driving home from breakfast, stop and go lights still clouded over, wifey is like wth you can’t tell anything with the lights covered by snow!

That incident would have been really bad news if the camera was attached to a motorcycle.

Some years ago a friend of mine caught a full grown barn owl in the chest late one night while on his Harley and luckily he survived that. A sheet of ice like that would likely mean a fatality.

Too bad a state trooper wasn’t around when that happened.