This is why you flush your brake fluid

48k miles. No hard use and NW Ohio conditions.


How many years?

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23 years :laughing:

Just like aged whiskey…


I wonder why it turns darker w/time and use? Bits of rubber material from the inside of the brake system’s rubber hoses? I’ve never seen it quite that dark when brake-bleeding my vehicles.

OP, what is your brake configuration? Disc all 4. Or front disc, rear shoes? Or shoes all around?

Four wheel disk.

Brake fluid turns dark for several reasons; the main reason is the moisture absorption through rubber brake lines with age because the standard road-going brake fluid is hygroscopic. Brake fluid also absorbs the contaminates in the brake system from rubber hoses, rubber brake seals, and deteriorating metal components which all affect the fluid’s color.

The moisture it absorbs will cause the brake fluid to take on its darker color and also lower its wet boiling point. One thing to consider is that if you live in a humid climate, you can expect the brake fluid to absorb moisture quicker.


thats some nasty water…

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Someone is gonna come along and drink it if you don’t pull the label off. Then they’ll sue you.

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Millennial brake fluid.
What was I doing in 2000? What was I driving?

I was driving a 1998 Buick Regal LS and Mrs JT was driving a Ford Windstar.

I was driving an 89 riviera with 400k onward to 520k and never changed the brake fluid that I remember.

The UK classic-car magazine Practical Classics had an article recently about one their UK staff writer flying from London to LA, then driving a classic car all the way across the USA, from LA to Rhode Island. One of the first things the UK staff writer noticed was huge billboards along the side of the LA freeway, adverts offering law firms that are glad to help to sue anybody for anything . Welcome to America!.. lol …

BTW, The classic car, 1980’s model IIRC, wasn’t quite up to the job, but made it most of the way with some help from owners of the same car along the way.

So what was I driving in 2000? … hmmm … lol …

but it’s all downhill from half way through Colorado to Eastern Tennessee. :grinning:

Yeah, they made good progress on that segment. The first problem was only 26 miles from LA, the fuel pump failed, had to be replaced by crawling under the car in a parking lot. I was surprised they didn’t get a ticket for repairing a car in a parking lot … lol … Besides the lawyers billboards, the UK writer wasn’t crazy for American food it seems. Likely b/c they were eating at roadside diners along the way.

What Color Is It Supposed To Be ? _____________ .

Heh heh. The billboards across the pond have naked women on them but no lawyers. Makes you wonder.

My wife was a Brit, in general
I am not a fan of British food!

Dot 3: clear, yellow, blue, and red shades.

Dot 4: clear with a hint of yellow, but it can also be found in crimson red.

Dot 5: usually purple

Dot 5.1: clear, yellow or blue.

Who could resist some bangers and mash?

The US is disgustingly rife with censorship.

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