Guys look at this its so cool




A time lapsed video of an engine cylinder at work?


yeah, its cool


My gawd, what happened to the other valves?


i think its a dirtbike motor


I’m going to have to send off for one of those window kits for my engine! No more wondering, “Does it have spark? Does it have fuel?”.


What other valves? There’s an intake and an exhaust valve. What else is needed? There are still some two-valve-per-cylinder engines around.


Wow, that is really cool. What were you searching for when you found that?


Cool, but I wonder why the video only shows three of the four strokes. The frame skips past the exhaust stroke and goes directly to the intake stroke.


i found it while skimming through pages at


They’ve actually been doing this for many years. I think the first time I saw a film about this was about 30+ years ago.

The coolest thing I’ve seen was an R-4360 (yep, 71+ Liters) 28 cylinder radial aircraft engine that had been converted into a rotating, cut-away display model. Near 2 tons worth.
It was absolutely beautiful to look at and utterly amazing to watch all of those internals while they were rotating.


Thanks TJ . . that IS cool. Rocketman


I say, that’s a joke, son.