A VERY small V12 engine

Check this out…


Now THAT is cool.

There used to be a guy here in teh U.S. that built miniatrure fully-operational V8 engines. The operated using glow plugs and model airplace fuel. He built optional manifolds, exhaust systems, and carb systems, even a miniature functional blower. He then produced miniature '32 roadsters and Shelby Cobras to put them in, complete with functioning suspensions and disc brakes.In looking for him, I became aware that there are many of these. The amount of engineering and craftsmanship that goes into these things boggles my mind.

See the below link for some more.


Not only are these amazing, but I envy the craftsmen for their skill and sheer amount of free time available.

Wow. That just floors me. I whittle out small things on the lathe/mill and go near blind doing it at times. I can’t even imagine undertaking something like that because often even the seemingly smallest, inconsequential part takes hours to make.
Even more impressive it looks like he doing it on a manual, non-CNC lathe.

I’d sure like to know how many man hours he spent on the paperwork and machining combined.

Absolutely fascinating, and not a very common design, at least not in the automotive world. It looks like a Lycoming engine.

It is fascinating…I never figured out the ignition system and fuel used…Also, no pressure lubrication system, just an oil can like a sewing machine…

Talk about “works of art”, that is impressive.

The timing gear appeared to be 1 to 1. What did I miss?

"It is fascinating…I never figured out the ignition system and fuel used…Also, no pressure lubrication system, just an oil can like a sewing machine… "

I dunno, probably glow plugs and model airplane fuel which is typically about 18% oil. On four stroke model airplane engines, the oil blowby past the piston is all that’s needed to keep the bottom end lubed.

This is way cool…

here’s the guy’s youtube channel:

“v-12 engine with compressed air injection,hand made using taditional methods:12 cm3 of displacement,the diameter of the cyllinder is 11,3 mm,the stroke of the pistons 10mm,it works with only 0,1kg/cm2.Is constructed with stainless steel,aluminum and bronze.Patelo dedicate this engine to his grandchildren:Sara,Carmen,Jose and Pablo.This engine is for education,exhibitons,etc.,that is the reason to work with compressed air, to avoid contamination.He has made the plans and all parts, except the screws.The engine is not for sale.Thanks to everybody for the comments and sorry for my bad English.”

Ahh, that clears things up…It’s a display engine, not an operating engine. Compressed air is used to make it turn over…It’s still a work of art…

Couple an electric motor to the crankshaft and it would be the tiniest, fanciest air compressor.

That also explains why the camshafts turn at crankshaft speed.

Yes, mark. It’s cammed to be an air motor. It took me a while but now I see. That might be more meticulous than a Swiss watch.

If you liked that, you’ll love these pics and one video:

Wow! That’s really cool. Just to imagine all the patience required to blueprint and build a teeny, tiny engine is incredible. I once read a newspaper article a few years ago about the guy who built a miniature 327 Chevy small-block. Just amazing how a person can do that.