This is a note for David on today's program regarding birds on car mirrors

Create your own bird deflector by taking two strips of velcro. Glue the bottom strip to the mirror, In the top strip put closely alined sharp tacks up through the strip so that you can pull the strip off each morning and store in glove compartment and put them back at night! make sure that the width of the strip is wide enough that it adheres beyond the width of the tack heads and is long enough to have to have a tab to grab it by to remove the top.

Bird Spikes !!

Guys, guys, guys! You’re making this WAY too complicated. There’s a device on the market called a scat mat, sold by Contech( I think), that’s used to keep pets off of the furniture and counters. It’s a clear plastic strip with wires in it attached to a 9 volt power supply that gives anything that steps on it a small electric shock. It comes in different sizes including 3 inches by 18 inches (or thereabouts), which would drap over a mirror, especially one as large as I recall this one being. They have 3 settings: low, medium and high; I would recommend high to make sure the birds get a good zap.
We have 6 cats and 3 dogs and use scat mats to keep them off the counters, tables etc. They also work to keep our cats away from our bedroom’s pocket door, which they have figured out how to open.
The long thins scat mats are about $30 and can be found in most pet stores. Or just google “scat mats” and you’ll get a bunch of places to order them, plus info about them.
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