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A bird in love with my xB

Help! Spring has come to Eugene, Oregon, and mother nature has brought a love struck bird to my xB. This bird is small and kind of black, and it loves my X-Box. It likes to leave calling cards. I never knew that a bird’s output could be so prolific! It likes to park itself on the front wipers, the back wipers, the rear view mirrors and even sits on the weatherstriping of all four doors. And is leaves its calling cards regularly… everywhere. Daily washing doesn’t keep up. I’ve tried moving the car, but that darn bird keeps fiding it. I’d garage it, but I have too much junk in the garage. A friend told me to keep it well waxed as bied droppings can be corrosive. Another friend suggested getting a cat, but our dog keeps the cats at bay and just ignores birds. Another told me to put out some large fake snakes, and another suggested a fake owl. Someone else suggested putting out a mirror as this bird maybe is just enjoying its own reflection. Maybe this is just a frustrated male in spring that is infatuated with his own image.

Just next to the x-Box is a minivan. This little bird shuns that vehicle. Is there a lesson in this?

Can anyone tell me how I can encourage this bird to get its own life? Much as I like this toaster car, daily washings get old.

Dean in Eugene

Have you any suggestions for how to deal with this love stuck bird.

That’s the best use of an X-Box I’ve heard yet…Only kidding…Personally I’m NOT thrilled about those cars…My son LOVES them.

I have no idea on how to keep the bird away. Your friend is right about the wax. Keep it waxed. Bird droppings on paint can etch the paint and the only way to fix that is to repaint it. Wax will really help that.

Have you tried the fake snake, the fake owl, or the mirror? If not, then by all means do so. These ideas have merit.