Thinking about buying a 1998 Honda Accord

Thinking about buying one $2k has 187k miles, just need it for work.

Those run as high as $5k so $2k isn’t terribly unreasonable. Looks like transmission and body/paint are trouble spots: A quick check of the transmission fluid might not be a bad idea. Prior to purchase have a mechanic of your choice look it over. Best of luck.


I would never buy an old cheap hybrid. Especially a Honda.

Edit-my mistake, I thought I read hybrid.

Who said anything about a hybrid? For all we know, he’s considering the reliable DX model. From time to time, one of these pops up on the local Craigslist here: a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine, 4 doors, and manual everything (except for hopefully an automatic transmission).

What hybrid? From what I can find the Accord hybrid wasn’t produced until the end of 2012.,plant%20on%20December%2021%2C%202012. This is a 1998, therefore with a conventional powertrain. The normal caveats for a 22 year old car apply but that’s not one of them.

The weak point on those is the transmission. If it wasn’t rebuilt, assume you will have to do it soon and budget for it. For the rest of the car, just have a mechanic check it out.

I would pay a few bucks to have a mechanic check it out first

At least make sure it hasn’t been wrecked, is structurally sound, and the engine and transmission are fine

Ask the guy checking it out if he thinks it will pass any relevant inspections, such as smog inspection and/or safety inspection

If you just need it for work, I wouldn’t worry too much about burnt up paint, working ac and such things. it just needs to be mechanically sound, safe and reliable

If the mechanic says okay, then just buy the car and be done with it

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Thanks for the info guys, ya ive been looking at a few in the area, there seem to be some gems here and there, I even found one of the DX models that is very local so I’m talking with people and asking a bunch of Qs. I’ll be heading out to test drive some soon.