They're getting close

Their new sedan is pretty sweet too.

New models are all well and good, but can they survive financially without huge subsidies? Fisker’s having major problems:

And at $60,000 - $100,000, those Teslas aren’t going to really be solving any problems, except what someone can spend a BUNCH of money on…

All true…but aren’t they gorgeous?

You’d be amazed how much costs drop when you start producing them en masse.

If you’re talking Camry numbers…I wouldn’t be surprised if the price dropped to below $40k. But it’s going to be LONG time before that. Hopefully I’ll be around to see it.

That’s up front cost. There is a substantial savings in gasoline. Since these are upscale cars, they should be compared to a similar sedan or SUV, like a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. Note, though, that the base price model only has a range of 160 miles. If you want a range of 300 miles the cost is an extra $20,000. 300 miles is more like a gasoline powered car today. But if you don’t need to drive more than 120 miles per day (you can’t use the full range reliably) and don’t just have to have jaw dropping acceleration, the base car could be a reasonable replacement for an upscale vehicle.

I don’t like the price at all but I like the way the styling is going. I have always loved gullwing doors.