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1995 Honda Accord shuts off while driving

My 1995 Honda Accord EX, 217,000 miles, engine shuts off while driving. Honda put in new ignition assembly. Worked for one week and problem started again.

Can you name the parts they replaced? There are several components in the ignition system. Some tend to fail when hot. Without a correct diagnosis, it’s hard to get it right.

They replaced the whole ignition assembly. I have a different key to start the engine now. The part was around $220 and the labor of course.

thanks for responding shanonia.

What did the place say when you told them the problem had returned ?

When the car shuts off, do all the red lights on the dash go on? Does the radio or the lights stay on? Can you restart it right away?

I was so disappointed that I did not won’t to subject myself to an BS from the service department. The originally said that the diagnostic computer did not find any problems and they had to manually check.

All of the lights stay on. The battery was fine. The sparks were fine. The fuel line was getting gas. I can tell you that the car has been parked for a several weeks and it started about 10 days ago. I was too afraid that it would cut off if I tried to drive it.

Not sure I understand why you would pay for a repair and not ask the shop why the problem returned . The repair should have had at least a 30 day warranty.

There arent too many reasons that particular Honda model would cut out on you… back say when they were all over the place… I’ve owned several myself and I have fond memories of them.

In this instance the scope of the reasons this can occur to your car is kind of wide open here. Obviously you are not going to work on your own car… so I’m not sure how to help you. I could tell you all the suspects to look at on this vehicle…but what will you do with that information if you wont event go back to a place that installed an item on your car that obviously was not the fix.

Who am I advising here?

They did have a 30 day warranty. You know how it goes. My experience is that service managers come up with other excuses to end up saying it was something else and you still have to pay for labor. You know that dealerships make a lot of money in the service dept. I just didn’t listen to my gut about service depts. I wanted to talk to the mechanic but you know how the service managers interfere with that request.

The problem may be caused by a bad PGM/FI relay,

When this relay fails, power is cut off to the fuel injectors and the engine shuts off.


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That is standard procedure at most shops , dealer or other kind. The mechanic does not get paid for talking to customers and the shop does not want the mechanic to say something they can’t stand behind.
Why are you taking this old thing to a dealer anyway ?

This is Hondagoodcars.

Unfortunately, service depts. are going the way of profit over quality and caring customer service so that loyal customers will always come back without fear of dishonesty.

I have no idea what that means and why you are telling me this.

Mr @Tester just named perhaps the most replaced item on this vehicle that could cause your vehicle to simply shut down.

The main PGM/Fi relay… extremely common replacement item to address this kind of issue… The next item known to fail on these cars is the Distributor.

Replacing the ignition where the key goes…is a strange thing to target…FIRST, that is… in fact if a shop thought the ignition switch was the problem…and they were wrong… The very next item. that should have been the first item… would be to replace the PGM/Fi Relay. Because when it fails…it would essentially mimic a bad ignition switch.

What bothers me is that all this stuff is EASILY figured out by any competent mechanic.

Another thing that will cause an engine to shut off is a bad ignition control module. (igniter)