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Thermostat housing on ford vulcan engine

when replacing thethermostat I broke off the female threaded piece for the housing bottom bolt - so there is no bottom bolt holding the housing in place. The remaining two bolts (and lots of RTV) are holding the housing on and it does not leak. However, I’d prefer to have that bottom bolt in place. Any ideas on how I can accomplish that without a major repair?rbolts and lots of RTV

Without buying an intake manifold you’ll still need a tap & drill.
In theory, you could fill the hole with JB weld or the like ( something that dries hard, sandable and drillable ). After it’s set & dried, drill and tap for your bolt size.
I can not promise it’s torque capability, but it’s better than none.

Thank you for trying to help. Actually the female thread is in a “dog ear” that projects from the manifold and its the dog ear that broke off. Otherwise I think your idea would’ve worked.