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Loose thermostat housing on Ford Taurus

I have a 99 Ford Taurus. Last fall I was replacing the thermostat, but while trying to remove the lower screw on the thermostat housing, the screw broke. I drilled out what was left of the screw, tapped some new threads, and tried to reinstall the thermostat housing with a new screw. As I tightened it, the little ear of metal (which is on the head) to which the lower screw attaches broke off, leaving me with no way to tighten the lower end of the thermostat housing. I can tighten the top two screws, but as I tighten those a gap forms between the bottom of the thermostat housing and the engine. I’ve tried various sealants and have tried to bond it on with epoxy products, but it still leaks coolant. I see no way to really fix the problem without replacing the head, which I do not want to do.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Should I have a shop weld it? Are there any available products that would bond and seal the housing?

Thanks for any advice!

Disclaimer: I’ve never Used This Or Have I known Anybody Who Has.

I have seen this product advertised for many years, now. It is very interesting. I’ve always wanted to try it. Take a look. They used to have an online video to watch. I didn’t check to see if it’s there. They showed adding aluminum to something like a head with a common cheapo propane torch, drilling and tapping it.

Anybody ever use Alumaloy ?

Click this link:

I’ve never used JB-Weld, either, but some swear by it. You can buy it anywhere (Wal-Mart, Auto Parts Store?).


What have you got to lose?

I this t-stat housing in the head or in the intake manifold?

I’d need to go look at it again to double check, but I’m pretty sure that the lower connection is on the head.

I tried JB Weld, not sure about alumaloy.

If its on a Vulcan engine I think its on the lower intake. Still no fun to replace.

Would threaded rod help? Maybe if you can bend it around and put it through two holes if that is possible. Then use nuts where the bolt head normally goes. Maybe not. A threaded hook is another possibility. I haven’t seen the engine head so I don’t know if there is a neck to put a u bolt behind. Good luck with my ideas.