1988 Jeep Cherokee help asap


I replaced my thermostat and seal and it is leaking from the bottom bolt why is that please help asap.


That bottom bolt threads into a water jacket in the engine. Remove the bolt and apply a thread sealer to the threads of the bolt and reinstall the bolt.



Did that and still leaks, not much, but it leaks. Anything else?


You could try plumbers tape…but I don’t know if it will put up with the heat of a motor, which is a fair bit higher than hot water.



Plumber’s tape is pure PTFE, and I’ve used PTFE successfully in 450F applications. It has a high coefficient of expansion, but won’t melt.


Good to know…thanks.


Did the thermostat say put in the recess in the housing? I’ll bet it slipped a little and the gasket now can’t seal properly.


aint leaking no more once i undone the bolt a little bit its crazy. but it look’s like it is leaking from the bolt.