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Hey everyone,

Well, I decided to just go ahead and do it, I’ve started my own web site and forum dedicated to talking about cars and helping people out with their car problems.

I don’t expect it to replace this site obviously, but I just can’t stand how this forum is run, designed, or how our input is ignored. So I made an alternative. I hope you’ll check it out…

My site is called “The Old Wrench” and it’s just a place to discuss cars and relax. Please send me any comments or suggestions you come up with!

Here’s the link:

Hope to see you there!


Very cool-it’s clean looking and straightforward. I’ll stop by now and then.

Thanks Dave! Your mechanical expertise will be needed for sure.

Checked it out, registered, and even answered a question! Looks good!


Let’s bet on how long this thread will last. Since, afterall, it’s competition and cartalk doesn’t seem to like chit-chat and banter without deletion.

Willing to support and help.School started today 4 on -line classes,lots of time on the computer.I have to show up in person 1 day a week.Good luck

I like the ease of use.

Thanks Tester, saw that! Definitely appreciate having you on there!

Looking forward to seeing you there, oldschool. I like your “opinion” questions/posts. Good luck with school!

I could probably write a few reviews in the test drive section since I’ve done a good bit of that lately

signed in as RHL …will contribute when able…Good Luck

Thanks bscar, that’d be great…you’re pretty good at that stuff.

I registered and will be checking in from time to time.

looks like some good discussion topics. I registered too and put it in my favorites. I left you something in the suggestion forum.


Thanks transman, I’m thankful to have you there. I liked your suggestion, it’s been implemented.

Nice site! I just registered. In terms of format and ease of use, it is everything Car Talk’s forum used to be in its prime. Goodbye Car Talk! Hello Old Wrench! See you all on the other side.

Just signed up-see you on the other side folks.

Gee, another automotive forum for me to spend too much time on!

Oh, well, I’ll just use the time I would normally spend here, I guess.

I too signed up, and will keep an eye on both forums. Let’s all be careful to not simply fly over there and forget about helping people here.

Nice job with the layout Jad. The site has the appearance of being more user friendly and technically oriented.

The tech talk and project car sections are a very nice touch also seeing as how I’m one of those types who can’t leave well enough alone.