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The winners of 2015's top six classic car rallies

…are spectacular!

For some luscious eye candy, take a look at:

Oooooh! I feel all googly inside!

Seriously, thanks for the treat. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Talbot Lago.

If I win the big one this week, I probably still can’t afford the Talbot!

That is some more than serious money there.

I can’t say that I’d be very enamored over racing that 1903 Benz on winding mountain roads though.

Never before heard of a Talbot-Lago but boy oh boy it looks like the epitomy of art deco style artwork. No clue how it ranked automotively but that beauty is an incredible piece of sculpture.

Talbot was fairly obscure on this side of the Atlantic, but for wealthy Europeans of the 1930s, that make was one of the go-to choices for extremely high style–as well as high quality.

However, Talbot wasn’t the only French manufacturer that featured extremely innovative and forward-thinking body designs. How about some of these designs from Delage (another French make rarely seen in The US)?

Delage was later absorbed by Delahaye, which was even more…over the top…with its designs:

And, of course, Bugatti was a French make also renowned for its high style, high quality, and high prices. Perhaps their most beautiful design was the Type 57:

@VDCdriver. Wow, extraordinary line up of car photos. Thank you.

I don’t necessarily like all of them but give kudos to the designers for very distinctive artistic designs.

What I have often wondered is how drivers could adequately see the road ahead when driving cars with such high and long front ends and often with vertically narrow windshields.

These were sunny day cars for rich folks. The other days they were chauffeured in their limousines.