The two coolant temp sensors

I have a 2001 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 V6 I that I need help locating the following two items on the engine, I was able to locate one but not sure which one it is.

  1. Engine Coolant Temperature Sender / The Ford Motorcraft Online Part# 10884 (SW-5110)
  2. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor / The Ford Motorcraft Online Part #12A648 (DY-882)

Can you help locating those two sensors


The engine coolant temp sensor should be 2 wires.

The temp gauge sender should be a single wire.

Look in the area of the thermostat housing.

If Ford hasn’t changed things turn the key to run & ground/touch the wire for the sender to the block & the gauge should read full hot.

If Ford has "improved " things you might have to look for a $200.00 electronic temp gauge sender control module. LOL

A quick look at your official Ford wiring diagram will tell you the location of the senders and color coding of the wires

Temp gauge sender is probably red/white stripe. And probably light green/red stripe for the coolant temp sensor…

OOPS, grey/red stripe & green/red stripe for the coolant temp sensor.

Here is a site that has pics and factory drawings.