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2001 Ford Escape Coolant Sensor

My vehicle’s coolant sensor on the dash has been on for years although the coolant fluid has been in the right range. I am guessing I have bad coolant sensor. If you think it is not, what can it be ?
Can you tell me where exactly is the coolant sensor on a 2001 Ford Escape. Is it at the bottom and inside the coolant reservoir, which means I have to replace it ? If not, where is it ?
Thanks for all your input.

A quick Google search tells me the sensor is part of the coolant overflow reservoir, and the whole thing needs to be replaced.

I find it hard to believe the sensor can’t be replaced by itself, but that’s what I’ve read. Alternatively, you could unhook the wiring connector and the light will go off. As long as you keep an eye on the coolant level you should be OK, and it won’t cost you a cent.

All Cars That I Know Of Have Coolant Temperature Sensors. Some Have Coolant Level Sensors. You Are Talking About A Low Coolant Level Warning, Correct ?

That should be in the reservoir. I’d check the connection and wiring, too.


“If you think it is not, what can it be ?”

Ford had enough questions and concerns with this very problem that they issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) to help their technicians diagnose the system.

The bulletin that addresses "Engine - Cooling System - Low Coolant Warning Indicator Lamp Illuminated - Coolant Degas Bottle Inspection - Service Tip"
is TSB # 03-25-2 and applies to 2001 - 2003 Ford Escapes with 3.0L engines.

A Parts or Service Department employee at your local Ford dealer may be nice enough to make a copy (2 pages - page two is a diagram) of it for you. It isn’t for the public, but I’ve had dealer people make TSB copies for me.

Until then, here’s a link to the best discussion on this TSB I could locate.


Thanks for all the info.