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The Station Wagon: Death of a Leviathan from Mobituaries with Mo Rocca on Apple Podcasts

I thought some of you might enjoy this ode to the station wagon.

The first automobile that I owned was a 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon. It would have been a humiliating vehicle to own if any of my friends owned a T-Bird or Corvette but most were still riding bicycles and riding in my wagon was way more cool than pedaling. Over the years I’ve owned 3 other wagons and several Jeep Cherokees that I considered station wagons with ‘macho’ styling.


A good number of my friends drove hand-me-down family station wagons when they got their driver’s license. They all seemed to be green, too. The color of the times. Handy for hauling around a pile of friends that didn’t have access to cars.

Definitely not seen as “cool” but a wagon was better than walking!

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I happen to like wagons, but prefer the two door wagons. For me, a 57 Pontiac Safari.

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One of my sister’s friends in high school had an old Chrysler station wagon that used to be the family car. After breakfast one Saturday, the friend announced he was driving to another guy’s house and walked out. A minute later he came back in and said his car was gone. His dad had a big grin and said no, it’s out there. This went on for a few minutes until finally his father proudly announced that the new Mercedes Benz SL in the driveway was his son’s new car. The son actually complained that he wanted the station wagon back because he could fit all his friends in it, but only one friend in the Benz. He had to get used to the Benz, btw. Life’s hard sometimes. :smile:


I always liked the '55 and '56 Chevy Nomads. Maybe that’s why I bought a Vega wagon in '73. But in the end it was a great disappointment.

I took 13 boys to Boy Scout Camp in my 66 Plymouth Fury III wagon. Folded the seats down and stacked them in like cordwood and all their gear on the roof.

A family friend has a 1964 Ford Falcon wagon that’s been in his family since new, it was his daily driver for some time but now is just taken on pleasure drives. He had a 1970’s Chevy full size wagon at one point as well.

I merely grew up with a 1970 Datsun 510 wagon which was mom’s first car, Bought new and kept in the fleet for 21yrs. Split pea green is the best name we could come up with for the color.

The infamous 6 headlamp family truckster in metallic pea…