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The sound of a stock wankel rotary engine on a Mazda Rx8

Have a listen to the stock exhaust sound on my rx8. This will be a great memory for when i modify the full exhaust :slight_smile:

The rotary engine; for those times you need the horsepower a V6, the torque of a 4 cylinder, and the fuel economy of a V8.
Incidentally, have a Husqvarna with a similar exhaust note.


The wankel makes a good air compressor.
Low vibration and the wedge shaped chamber (which makes low fuel efficiency as a motor) acts as an intercooler.

Mazda 2 EV uses a single rotor engine as a range extender

Mazda RX-7 and 8 cars made the most noise of any car in SCCA races. They were just very loud. It wasn’t a nice sound, just a loud sound.

I’m just sayin’

Yeah it does sound a lot like my chain saw.

OP might find this sort of interesting, Wankel-technology didn’t bypass Soviet Russian cars of the 1970’s era apparently

Lada designed 38 Wankel engines in 30 years

WOW, you can make a useless YouTube video of car exhaust sounds. For some reason, I just am not impressed. Please, oh please, tell us you didn’t join just to show us this.

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