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Hi, I found a decent deal on an RX-8, and was just looking for general experiences/advice/opinions on the car. I’m looking at a bunch of different comparable used cars, but I’m leaning toward this one since I can get a good deal on it. Thanks

Well, the have no torque to speak of, so you’re probably going to end up driving it at higher RPM’s that most cars. Not all mechanics work or rotary engines so keep that in mind. Rotarys tend to use more oil than a conventional engine, and get low fuel economy for their displacement. The Mazda is something like 1.3L but you’ll be lucky to get 20 MPG with it. But that’s not what these cars are about anyway. On the plus side, the RX-8 doesn’t weigh much, it handles extremely well, and not everyone has one.

Drive it around in traffic, it any decent low end power which makes daily driving a bit more of a chore. Great car on the track.