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The performace folks on here will get a kick out of this

Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? :smiley:

I cheated, read the article and the comments.

I was kind of surprised the article didn’t mention the problem.

Seems they were trolling for readers comments.

Yup, I read the comments as well. Fake supercharger install. The very limited belt drive and very flimsy mount should give it away. I doubt the hi-po engine parts are in there either.

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I read the comments on Jalopnik, those guys are wrong about the belt.

We can’t see the supercharger outlet pipe but we can see the drive belt where it reaches the crankshaft and the double pulley.

I thought the problem was the owner couldn’t close the hood … :slight_smile:

They’re wrong about the belt, but the ones talking about the flimsy mount and the belt that would slip are, I think, right.

There’s another picture where he’s got an obviously homemade hood scoop. Looks to me like it’s made out of HVAC venting.

LOL… Whats WRONG? Hmmmm…I dunno this is a “tough one” here. Lets just say that if there is ANY difficulty in stating what is wrong here then lets take this opportunity to divide the class into two groups. The ones who immediately see the problem and the ones who do not see the problem. Before we send all those in the second group home we will confiscate their tools and also their honorary “mechanic” badges and have them sign an agreement to never use tools or work on another vehicle ever again.

The first group will be allowed to continue in the class, check out their new tools, wear extra unofficial badges and study to become real technicians one day.

I know this question was meant as a joke, but if there indeed was a moment of doubt, then we need to have a little talk.

First thing I see is, it looks like there is no way for the air to exit the Blower since the bottom is blocked of by that shelf its mounted on.

I like the way there is extra room on the blower pulley for a belt to drive a second blower pulley. 2 blowers would make this thing really scream…

for help…

This is what the mounting plate or “shelf” looks like when mounted sideways;

Well it is all about image after all, isn’t it?

Motto: “If you liked it, you should have put a blower on it!”

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the last pic is another guy who actually got it too work? he didnt really go thru the trouble to pipe up a front mount intercooler did he? thats making the wild assumption that the thing will actually make boost. as in run? maybe the chrome pipe that is routed around the front is really only a pipe and there is no intercooler? oof. that hurts my head even thinking about the effort required.
i thought gm grand prix gtp folks were smarter than buying a subaru

Possible marketing idea. Vacuform fake blower with carbs that can be glued to the hood of a car. Much less hassle.