The OLDS 98 has an Arrythmia

Hi, I purchased my Olds approx. four months ago and it has a hesitation after the motor is warm after 5 -6 miles . It is worse when I turn on the fan or AC. My mechanic replaced the mass air flow sensor ,the fuel filter aand the crank sensor and thought that it was corrected after driving it for fifteen miles. I picked it up today , drove five miles , turned on the fan and the hesitation was still there. I need to hear from folks that own these wonderful Oldsmobiles as to what is the problem. It has 165,000 miles on it. All input is welcome. Thanks, TT

It would help to know the year,

By fan do you mean just the vent fan and no A/C? This causes hesitation? Does this car have a bi-level vent setting, sorry I just cannot remember. You should have a no a/c vent setting. Which model and engine?

The OLDS is a Regency Elite with Auto electronic climate control. It has upper and lower vents and this hesitation and power loss is increased with using accessories.The engine is a V-6 3.8L. Thanks, TT

Even though we still have no idea what the model year of your Olds might be, I would suggest that you have your mechanic focus on a probable vacuum leak, very possibly somewhere inside the dashboard.

Hi, Model year 1996. TT