The new "affordable" Bentley Flying Spur


Nice cars. I see both the v8 and 12 cyl models are twin turbo. Not that I would ever have to service one or the other. Hmm, I bet a LS twin turbo ala pushrod/ compact motor would be cool. Dohc v-motors are too wide and complex in my book.

I’m in, just as soon as I win the big prize in Powerball or Megamillions. As you may recall, this was Mountainbike’s dream car too. I’m a little disappointed that they no longer offer the twin turbo 6.75L engine. All engines are VW origin now. Not that it’s a bad thing, but that Bentley engine had 774 lb-ft of pavement ripping torque. I guess you need all that power to move a 3 ton car.

There are a lot of cars which I would dream of owning, and none cost more than $10k. In fact, some cost around that much when they were new. Just the very idea of spending more than $200k on a car, of all things is a foreign concept which I just can’t wrap my head around.

We’re allowed to dream big. It’s like a toy that you take off the shelf, play with, and put back when you are done. As long as it isn’t consuming a large part of your life, there’s no harm in it. While I’d like to own one, I realize that I can’t afford to buy or maintain one, and I hardly think about it. It’s fun once in a while though.

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When are you ever going to catch up with the rest of the world ? Comparing prices of years ago with wages then to prices now and wages there are many new vehicles that give a lot more value and reliability to those mediocre vehicles you seen to want.


Sad to see Bentley has joined the giant grill club.




Bentley and Affordable don’t go together.

If I had money to burn…Bentley would be near or at the top of my list. But alas - I don’t.

In his book, “What You Should Know About Cars”, Tom McCahill suggested that a Rolls Royce at $10,000 might be a good buy as it would hold its value and outlast a couple of Lincoln or Cadillacs. Of course, this was back in the early 1960s. Tom McCahill eventually did own a Rolls Royce.
I don’t think McCahill’s theory would apply today.

I guess you will have to cross this one off from your wish list:



Cheap used cars are an incredible bargin in or society, as long as you are willing to fix them yourself. They are what enabled me to support a wife and 4 kids on a frequently out of work truck driver’s salary. Now that my kids are in their 59s and 60s, I can afford almost any car I want, I just don’t see the value in them. I drive a 9+ year old Camry and have no desire for anything "better.

I might be tempted to spend a lot if they had a racing league for octogenarians."

I used to content myself with racing other truckers, last one to the 200 mile away restaurant buys dinner.

Affordable may be relative, if you can keep from the options list. There’s one at the dealer in Bellevue with $65,000 of extras. $10K for the emerald green paint and the illuminated winged “B” alone.

The cost of optional items on cars that are already very expensive can be truly mind-boggling. I don’t recall the exact prices, but the cost of purely cosmetic options on Porsches can be nothing short of bizarre.

Pre-pandemic, I was looking at a Porsche on display at the Short Hills Mall, and it was painted a shade of green that I found to be nausea-inducing–and several other people who were looking at the car said the same thing.

A glance at the sticker showed that this shade of neon baby sh*t green cost several thousand dollars extra! Additionally, the cost for a different color on the housing of the brake calipers was also in the thousands, and there were some interior trim upgrades (which were not noticeable, at least to me…) that were also in the thousands of $$.

What was already a pricey car became ridiculously expensive when those non-functional, purely cosmetic options were added to the bill.


Naaaah, Rolls Royce is part of BMW. Bentley is owned by VW. Those Bimmer grilles would be more appropriate on a Rolls.

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I didn’t mean to imply any connection between Bentley and BMW.
I just find that image really funny.

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I’d like a Lexus ls460.2010-12 seems reasonable. I got a 96 STS in 2000 for 11k which seemed like a good price. Kept it for 10 yrs. had a few new boring Asian cars since then.
I would like a bigger, quiet, sedan now.

And I was just having fun too.

In the mid-50’s you could have your Pontiac equipped with an illuminated version of the Chief Pontiac hood ornament for $12.50.


Things have changed since then,