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The Fisker Karma returns

… under a new name:

Nice looking car, but only a three hundred mile total range, 50 mile electric only!

It reminds me of the Cadillac ELR, a hybrid coupe that was build for three years. Except that the Revero MSRP is twice that of the ELR. I’m not enthusiastic about the Karma’s prospects.

The original Karma was generally considered an expensive, good looking but crap driving, poor quality car. What’s changed on the re-born model to reverse that failure?

The feature of the original Karma that I found most… puzzling… was the use of old, sunken trees reclaimed from under lakes or rivers for the interior wood trim. Yes, I know that this is ecologically-sound, but would anyone really choose a car because of that feature? Wouldn’t at least 99% of the public prefer a better-performing car with longer battery range?

And, I have never seen one of the original Fiskers on the road. My neck of the woods has a very large number of Maserati sedans, a huge number of Porsches, the occasional Ferrari, and some Bentleys. There are at least 4 Rolls-Royces being driven around town, but I have yet to see even one Fisker!