80% discount on brand-new SUVs!

That’s the good news.
The bad news is that the hugely-discounted vehicles are Fiskers, which will not have technical support from the bankrupt manufacturer.

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American Leasing knows what they are getting into. Also, having 3300 cars means a large stock of parts if anything goes wrong. Maybe they can also buy the unused parts too. I can’t read the whole article so I’ll have to guess about the last suggestion. Since it’s a Chapter 11 reorganization Fisker might want to keep the parts for another go at manufacturing. The parts shouldn’t be needed immediately so America’s Leasing has another opportunity to pick them up later.

Henrik Fisker has now failed in the automotive industry several times, afaik

Maybe it’s time for him to move onto something else

They should have filed chapter 7, imo

This is coming from somebody who doesn’t understand finances very well

But I do know if I were buying an EV, it definitely would be from a company I expect will still be around and relatively strong in a few years


Talented designer… His cars LOOK stunning…
He just is NOT an automotive executive.
And his timing is just awful… Fisker Karma comes out during the Great Recession, the Fisker Ocean comes out just as the EV market goes soft.

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You gotta suffer if you wanna sing the blues…. :blush:

Henry Ford went bankrupt a few times before he could get Ford motor company going

Someone ought to buy up the vehicles, take the batteries, convert them to home backups, and sell the rest for parts/scrap.

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Ironically, a few minutes ago, I saw my second-ever Fisker Ocean, parked near my bank. It’s actually a decent-looking vehicle, somewhat reminiscent of a Range Rover.

Unfortunately for the Fisker’s owner, it already suffered what looks like a very hard curb strike, because a couple of big, DEEP chunks were gouged out of the right front wheel, and I tend to doubt if it is still structurally sound.

Good luck getting a matching OEM wheel at this point for his seriously-depreciated Fisker.