The fastest Corvette--ever

… is an AWD hybrid, and it will hit showrooms in the latter part of 2024:

A number of high-end performance cars are using hybrids to maximize their performance, like Porsche and Acura. The top-performing Lexus RX is the RX500, combining a turbo 4 with the hybrid system for power, rather than economy.

and for $200,000 you can have one in 2025…

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The best re-gen you can get is at the front of the car. So a RWD car with electric motor up front makes sense… AWD traction and re-gen braking to recover energy to pump up the batteries. I’d say that is the best layout for performance AWD.

Not a plug-in hybrid so any “stealth” running comes from re-gen.

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I’ll be surprised if any make it to the lot with a $104k MSRP, much less the marked-up price.

Ferrari has four hybrids, the 296 GTB, 296 GTS, SF90 Stradale, and the SF90 Spyder. Theirs are for power too, of course.

Also, if you want the 2024 E-ray, you better order it now unless they are sold out already.

The 0-60 for a stock C8 is 2.9 sec.
the Z06 is 2.6 sec.
E-ray is 2.5 sec.
not that much of a difference

Wonder if there will many battery warranty issues due to car not being driven? None drives vettes. They sit in heated garages.

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I see new/late model Vettes all the time, not sitting in garages at all.

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Cars like this scare me, not the actual vehicle, but the drivers who cannot resist the temptation to use that power and speed to… what compensate for something else…

Yesterday, the wife and I were putzing along a country road at the speed limit of 35 MPH. When we turned onto the road, a Tesla pulled in behind us. They tailgated us for about a quarter of a mile then dropped back, as we approached a slight curve in the road but a no-passing zone, the driver decides that sh/he needed to pass us.

I saw it coming, they sped up and I guess needing that “EXTRA BOOST” of speed, came darn close to ramming us in the rear by using the “slipstream” of our 35 MPH and passed us in the curve and they kept their foot in the throttle for I do not know how long and they disappeared down the road.

They did not need to do that, I was going the speed limit, it was a curve, and at the speed they were traveling, if a car had come from the other direction… Well, you know…

I agree, but–at least in my neck of the woods–it seems that Corvettes are all driven by elderly men who drive like their own Grandmother. The potential for incredible speed is definitely there, but it seems that almost all of the Corvettes that I see are driven at–or below–the speed limit.

I do see that type of behavior sometimes, but it almost always seems to be from VWs driven by younger women. I used to experience that type of bone-headed behavior from BMW drivers, but that hasn’t happened for a few years, at least.

But, VWs? Yup! People who are overcompensating for something seem to like driving them like maniacs.

I’ve been tailgated by just about every make and model of car and truck. It isn’t the vehicle, it’s the nut behind the wheel. I do find that I’m not followed closely by expensive vehicles much. I guess they are more concerned with damaging their rides than others.

Me too. The drivers that scare me the most are the teenagers or 20 somethings driving their Moms Civic after watching too many Fast and Furious movies.