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The evil Jeep

So I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has been at the mechanics since Thanksgiving… And he still has no idea what is wrong. The Jeep runs for apprx. 15 seconds and the engine dies. I have read other blogs and sites that say the problem is with the computer or the cam position sensor. I had the mechanic replace the computer with a proper one( THERE IS 29 DIFFERENT MODELS!). NO fix… So I had him replace the cam position sensor… NO fix. I am getting very frustrated with NO solution!!! Has anyone else out there had an issue like this! Here’s hopeing! Thanks all

If it runs, it’s probably not a problem with the ignition SYSTEM (spark, sensor outputs, ignition coil, etc).

It would be easy enough to test it to see if it’s a fuel (control) problem: Start the engine, and as the 15 seconds approach, spray starting fluid into the engine intake. If the engine continues to run, it IS a fuel control problem.

Also, to see if fuel pressure goes away, he should attach a fuel pressure test gauge to the fuel line, and observe the fuel pressure as the engine runs for 15 seconds.

If the problem is fuel starvation, its cause could be as simple as a dirty fuel filter.

A new mechanic is in order for fresh eyes. I would not suggest anything to the new mechanic and let them diagnose and present possible solution.

This can’t be too complicated to sort out - either than or you have tons of info about diagnostic work that you haven’t shared.

Has the mechanic tested the idle air control (IAC) motor/valve? Will it continue to run if you keep some throttle in it?

Was the computer been scanned for codes?