2017 Toyota Corolla - Torn bumper

My right side of my bumper was off it’s broken when I got my accident what can I used to put it together …? I try the epoxy but didn’t work

Epoxy does not work on many plastics. Your best action would be to replace the bumper cover. A quick look online found them under $100.
Some will paint them for you.
If you still want a temporary fix, you may need to use a metal strap with bolts or screws. Then there is alway duct or gorilla tape.

3D printer solution of the problem

I suspect 3D scanning of the area and printing of a patch might be as costly as replacing the bumper cover.

BTW, those prices were aftermarket. New from Toyota appears to be less than $300.

It would be great if you could post some pictures

Thanks :smile_cat:

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