The Devils Chariot - my '98 BMW 528I


HELP. I drive a '98 BMW 528I and have a rumbling noise in front end at low speeds, between 5 and 35 and only over uneven pavement. If you apply the brake pedal however the noise subsides. It’s not on one side or the other. Since January of this year I have replaced Suspensions Struts ? Frt Right Wheel Hub ? Lower Joint assembly/steering? Stabilizer bars? Control arms? Break Rotors (FRT)? Sway bar links? Shocks? Rack and Pinion? Tires. I have been to the Manufacturer’s maintenance department as well as various independent certified repair shops and am at my wits end . Any ideas??

AND all of the work has been deemed solid by BMW.

what about the left hub?

was checked by BMW and deemed fine…