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The Death Wobble Ford F-350 1999

I have what is being referred to as the death wobble. At a little higher speed about 40 mph plus, when I hit a bump, the whole front end shakes violently and I must immediately slow down. It stops at lower speeds. Installed new shocks, balanced tires and inflated to proper psi. Checked Ball joints, no play. My tech says front end pretty tight. No bad bushings. Anybody had this problem. It seems alot of people are replacing alot of parts and they are finding it is not solving the problem. anybody know about this problem?

Are you in 2hi?

Sorry, it is a two wheel drive.

We are going to try replacing the steering box and the Power steering pump. If that doesn’t take care of it we are going to add stabilizer. Everything else is tight. ball joints, tie rods, bushings, wheel bearings. The only thing we thought it might be is the power steering pump may not be delivering enough pressure for gear box to work properly, causing the wobble. I thought I might find someone who has seen this before, because with a tight system, nothing obvious is wrong. Have you seen the video on U tube. One car follows next to the truck and catches the wobbling on tape. Thanks for your help.

Is the truck 100% stock, or are there aftermarket parts installed on it for suspension and lifting components?

Have you looked at the condition of the rear suspension?
Could be that the rear suspension is being transmitted through the frame of the vehicle, and it feels like its in the front.


Before you hit the expensive parts I googled a tad and found surprisingly your complaint covers many years. I did not price it out but these people claim to have a solution compared the the plethera of maintenance performed with no solution. Isolate what this does and see what oem parts are needed to fix the problem.