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F-350 front end

My F-350 has a significant front end wobble that occurs at highway speeds.

I had a local dealer tighten steering, stabilizer arm and replace both front tires some months ago. That helped, but the problem is back and worse than ever.

Anyone have any helpful hints about how to deal with this once and for all?

What year and 4wd? Check the front ball joints. My 04 is on its second set in only 40,000 miles. They are notoriously week. My Internet research indicates 20,000 before failure is not uncommon.

Good site for info:

What year is your truck?

If it has king pins instead of ball joints I would suspect the infamous “Death Wobble” which is caused by worn out king pins.

I think the newer trucks are using ball joints…unfortunately they’re not as durable as the kin pins.

It’s an '05 King Ranch with FWD. I’ve been surfing the web as well, and this seems to be a fairly common issue with Ford’s super duty trucks. Wonder why my local dealer didn’t mention ball joints or king pins as a possible cause. THANKS for the advice and insights.


Truck is an '05 with four wheel drive. KIng pins… first I’ve heard of this as a cause… I’ll check it out. THANKS! Jim

Have the alignment checked by a wheel, frame and axle shop, not a tire store. If the castor or camber need correcting, DO IT!!! This may require that wedges be installed between the springs and axles…