The "Curious George" Car: Advice Requested?

Friends, I own the 1976 Mercedes originally owned by Margaret and H.A. Rey, authors of all the Curious George books. They lived in Cambridge and used the car to go to their vacation place in N.H. They kept the car for decades and the car passed on to me after the estate settlement. The milage is low, below 45,000 original miles. The car has been sitting in my yard for a number of years now (I’ve had trouble parting with it I guess), but I need to move on with it now. It is painted a beautiful burgandy. The Benz is not road worthy currently and would take mechanical work to get into good shape. Also ther are little things cosmetically and otherwise wrong with it, though no major rust problems that I can see. I recently thought I would try and sell it on E-Bay, but I don’t see how I can do that given the shape it is in. I am not sure it is worth fixing it up. At this point I am even considering donating it to the Car Talk guys. Any Advice???

You can sell anything on eBay. No reason this car wouldn’t sell, especially given its unusual provenance. Just take a lot of photos and describe the car honestly and price it fairly and it will sell. You could also post it locally on Craigslist.

Which model Mercedes is it? I didn’t think there was a '76 190. You can sell it on ebay ‘as is’, it doesn’t have to work, but if it doesn’t work, and isn’t an interesting model, you probably won’t get much in the way of bids.

You never know. If you can provide documented proof that it was owned by those people, then you could get a good price out of it being celebrity owned

I’d auction it on Ebay, giving an honest description. It’s amazing what people will pay good money for.