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The case of the intoxicated Driver Ed Instructor

This poorly-written article doesn’t mention that the teens asked the McDonald’s staff to phone 911 for them, in order to notify the police that their instructor was driving drunk. Kudos to those kids for getting this guy off the road!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all … sigh …

I’d have to drink to do that for a living.

Do as I say, not what I do, 911 REALLY? OK you kids pass.

Driving instructor drunk.Extremely disturbing, but I can believe that.
High school age teens with no cell phone? now that’s unbelievable!

The article was very sparse on details, in addition to being poorly-written. Because it is a local story, there was a lot of coverage in my area, and more than one reporter stated that the instructor locked all of their cellphones in the car’s trunk before the lesson began.

When they told the drunken instructor that they needed to stop at McDonald’s for food, they didn’t retrieve their phones, and he drove away with the phones once he figured out that the kids had asked for assistance from the McD employees.

Ooops, that’s what I get for not finding out the details.:rage::hot_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s not your fault, as I see it. Unless you are located in the NYC/NJ Metro area, as I am, it is unlikely that there was much coverage in your local media.

Yeah, people in any business can be an alcoholic. At least the guy won’t be driving around with students in the car. Given what we see about repeat offenders, he might be driving soon, though.

All my kids had cell-phones when they learned how to drive. And the policy at the drivers-ed was - NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED IN CARS DURING INSTRUCTION.