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The carpentry repair for the 1999 chev tahoo with brake problems

ok she has an anti lock breaking system thats gone bad… either the sensor is bad or the pump is going out. my solution is simply turn the tahoo into a non antilock braking car…IE you pull the power from the sensors and the antilock brake pump and the normal braking returns. because the brake pulsing no longer occurs… how do you do this… its simple… you go under the dash and find the big fuse box that is on top of the wheel well on the left side. You open it and look for the green 60 am fuse block that the auto handbook you have has stated is your ABS brake system… When you pull this fuse… The ABS is disabled… and your brakes will now work exactly as cars and trucks with no abs brakes have worked for over 50 years… The only issue you will have is the red brake light will be on… Big Deal. the brakes will work and it costs you 15 min of time. my 2000 tahoe has worked fine for over 2 years this way… Just be sure to check your pads once a month and your brake fluid weekly… like we used to do in the good old days when these safety crap cars do not exist…This is a very common problem with all chev truck series…GM does not have a great system here…Remember this is what a layman did who has owned cars for 35 years… I am not a quote on quote mechanic… but you can search the web and get verification that this solution is viable.

make that you go under the hood not the dash and its a 60 amp green fuse you want…at least it was green in my 2000 tahoe

Why not instead fix the root cause of the problem? There’s actually TSB that addresses this problem.

The problem is rust forms under the mountings of wheel speed sensors causing the sensors to become misaligned with the sensor tone rings. This then causes the ABS to activate at slow speeds. The fix is to remove the wheel speed sensors and remove the rust from the mounting surfaces. Apply a small amount of grease to the mounting surfaces to prevent future rusting and reinstall the wheel speed sensors.


the reason i put this up is because the pump can also be the issue and thats an expensive issue… as for the abs system … its not something I really miss as I have driven long enough that I dont need abs to be a safe driver…so my solution is a no cost 15 min permanent fix… NOT A REPAIR…A FIX… tommy understands that thinking

Dewy Cheatem and Howe probably have a dim view about advising anyone to bypass safety systems.

I would have to agree that it is a bad idea to disable a safety system auch as abs. Wow I didnt know that there was anybody out there who could pulse a brake pedal a hundred times per second and tell the fluid which wheel to go to. My hat’s off to you! But really these systems are not that complicated and the majority of the fixes are wheel speed sensors.

tell dewey that my 87 chev dont have abs nor need it… neither does my 76 firebird nor my 56 desoto…that so called safety system is like the switch that forces u to push in the clutch to start a 4 speed… its an idiot device…thats why i said it was a fix or a rig that can be permanent if you do the things i do…ie check the pads monthly and the fluid level weekly… next thing your gonna tell me is them dumbass radr devices are a good thing… wait till you get in a car thats got one and your doing 70 on the freeway and the road bends to the left but the offramp is straight ahead…that damn radar is gonna read that exiting car whose doing 45 or less and panic stop you and maybe cause the idiot with the cell phone glued to his ear behind you to rear end you… or maybe will break free your trailer and jackknife you… safety system my sweet grandmas pututee

never said i was gonna manual pulse a brake… i stated i had brakes like the good old days… when a shade tree wrench could fix his own car…without the need for a 75 buck an hour computer link fee