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1999 Tahoe brakes

Hi! We own a 99 Tahoe with a brake issue. At low speeds the brakes grab then othertimes they take longer to stop. They also occasionally make a loud humming or off-key tone similar to a horn sound emmitting from the rear part of the Tahoe that can be heard inside and outside the truck when the brakes are released. Our internet research tells us that the wheel speed sensor may be an issue and that due to being in a northern region that this is a common problem and requires removing wheels, brakes to get to this sensor and the repair consisits of having to clean rust, dirt or any other debris from these disk like sensors; grease the disk and re-assemble. We had one mechanic state that GM had a recall about this issue and that it affects the ABS operation. This brake problem with our Tahoe matches everything we’ve read online with the recall. The local dealer says our VIN does not match the VIN’s on the recall. If it is just a cleaning/greasing thing then we will just do it ourselves.

We were just curious if anybody had any input/experience/pictures of this repair.

We work on all our vehicles ourselves and own a 30’ sailboat which we have completely re-wired, swapped the gasoline engine for a diesel, fiberglass work, etc.ourselves, so it’s not like this is our first mechanical repair venture.

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