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The Car needs a jump start everytime I fill up the gas tank

This is for my previous car that I used to own in 2005. It was a 1992 Honda Accord and the issue it had was anytime I went to the gas station to fill up the gas, the car refused to start and I would need to jump start the vehicle every time. Thankfully I used to take the DC metro to work everyday, so I did not have to use the car as much, but it was a hassle. This happened all through the year and I was just used to carrying a Jump Starter Box with me in the car. There were no other issues with the car. I do not recall needing a jump start any other time. This one time, I forgot to keep my car in the garage and it was out in the snow all weekend. Come Monday morning, I started the car without any issues. I went to a friends place about 10 miles away and then tried to fill gas at a gas station near his place and it died at the gas station. I do not have the car with me now, having totalled it in an accident couple of years ago. But I was always amazed at this and would like to know what would cause something like this.

when the car refused to start, would the engine turn over? My guess is that it did, and my thought is that you didn’t need a jump start. You probably had a fuel tank venting problem, and when you filled it up, the tank normalized slower than it should have, so the fuel pump wasn’t strong enough to pump the fuel with the pressure being out of whack.

The time it took you to go to the trunk, get the jump starter, open the hood, hook up the cables, turn it on, and walk back around to the driver’s seat was enough time for the pressure to normalize, and the car would start.