Chop Top Volvo

I’m dying to see a picture of the Chop Top Volvo from today’s show. Any chance we can see a picture?

Not unless you’ve got a time machine. This call was originally broadcast back in the Pleistocene time. In other words, all shows are reruns now. Sorry, I’d like to see it too. Can you imagine what this rig would look like with a roll cage installed? Kinda impractical in rainy Seattle.

I have heard that particular segment SO many times over the years that I am fairly sure the Volvo in question went to the junkyard lo-o-o-ng ago.

"I am fairly sure the Volvo in question went to the junkyard lo-o-o-ng ago."

…and not a moment too soon!

I didn’t hear the show, but are you referring to the Bertone model? If you google that you can see lots of images.

Sorry, no…

The call was from a woman whose hubby cut off the roof of their old Volvo. She wondered if it was structurally safe after the hack job he did on her car. C&C said weld in an I-beam or a roll cage, otherwise it’s much weaker than it was with roof intact

So no, the call was not about a manufactured vehicle. The guys asked the woman to send pictures, which is probably why this thread was started.

OK, now I understand.

I had a 66 Pontiac Tempest convertible that rusted out so completely that I couldn’t open the doors if it was parked on uneven ground. I junked it, the junkyard used it to run errands and it collapsed in the street about a month later. I’m sure that decapitated Volvo would suffer the same fate.

Ahhh, I had a 65 Lemans convertible. Loved that car, it was beautiful. I drove it to 113 mph, and it was still accelerating when I backed off - you’re crazy at that age. Once cruised at 100 for about 50 miles in Michigan - was following a friend in an ugly Chevy, he was part crazy too.

Ah, I’m a newer listener so I didn’t realize that, thanks for the info. (I still want to see it though) :slight_smile:

Here’s one that didn’t survive-