The black goo

I have found black goo emanating from the wires and connectors for both head lamps on a Honda Civic. No oil is spilling onto the wires and there is no signs of where the black goo is coming from. The goo had damaged the connector to the point of a short. What is this black goo. On a different Civic all together I have found similar goo in the connector for the master window switch :):

It sounds like the electrical circuit is overloading and melting the wiring and connectors.

What year Civic? A number of Hondas are under Recall for various lighting problems.

Stock headlamps, no high tech razzle dazzle stuff been added, etc?

No modifications. All stock

Headlamp issue is on a 2001 and the master window switch is on a 1996. I have seen melting wires and connectors before and this is a little different. It seams to be sweating almost like corrosion. In the case of the window switch it looks like someone may have filled the connector with dielectric grease. Does anyone know of Honda using a black substance that may have aged and turned into the goo.